Brownlee Fitness Track & Swim

Alongside creating some content of the female athletes for Superleague triathlon. We took some photos for the Brownlee Fitness group as they completed a threshold swim set and a track session. We’ve been lucky enough to create content for the Brownlee group before in their build up to Challenge Daytona. It’s always great to see them in the full swing of training as they build up to the Tokyo Olympics later in the year.

The Brownlee Fitness group has recently been set up and it’s been great to see them go from strength to strength and use some of our content to fuel their marketing campaigns. Brownlee Fitness is based on a simple principle: they want to help anyone, of any standard, to achieve more. Achievement is simply measured by knowing that you are better equipped to meet your goals than you were yesterday, and better than you were last week.

Make sure you head over to their website if you’re interested in learning more. A link can be found here:

We hope you enjoy the photography we provided.


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